Fitting in PVC Furniture

We’re not really in a tiny house, but…a 1940s era town home, built for railroad construction workers is not exactly spacious, especially by modern definitions.  I’m sure it was rather practical at the time it was built, and the subsequent renovation(s?) have helped, but there’s still a mismatch between furniture you can buy now and the furniture you could by when the house was built.  Put another way, we have some spots where there’s dead space that I’d really like to use, and others where some additional dividers would make the space a little more functional.

PVC pipe to the rescue!

It’s a lot cheaper than wood, and, in my opinion, a little more fun to work with.  Sort of like tinker toys, but on a larger scale.

My first project was a garment rack for some of the twins’ clothes.  Did I mention the house is 1940s era?  That translates into very little closet space.  I think we’re lucky we even have a couple of clothes closets.  We put a day bed in a room to capitalize on the space, but it left about a foot between the end of the bed and the wall.


Just barely wide enough for a child-sized hanger.  It also just barely fits a pop-up hamper.  Our solution?  A rolling PVC pipe garment rack with a bottom shelf to hold the hamper and a couple of additional boxes.  dsc04151

When I first built it, I neglected to research PVC casters well enough–they only make the attachment plugs in 3/4″, but I built it out of 1/2″.  Solution?  Reducer fittings.  It works pretty well, and the twins can roll it out on their own if they need to.

Second is a screen to block off the computer station from the rest of the open basement.  This way, people can walk by to the bathroom without disrupting someone working at the computer, especially if there’s a video conference or skype call going on.

dsc04156This is version 2, once I got the 45 degree elbows.  Version 1 had a 90 degree bend in it, which made it less stable and it didn’t cover as much space.  This one works incredibly well and seems to be sturdier.  While a fitted sheet goes over it pretty well for a neutral background, the frame also works well to display our Tajik suzani.dsc04157

I’m considering a rack of some sort for fabric, or maybe a frame to hold a laundry bag as a makeshift hamper to fit in yet another small, awkward space.