Observing Birds

This was an interesting week for observing birds.  Not that I’m a bird watcher, and, in fact need to get smarter on the birds that live here in Northern Virginia.  I’m referring more to watching avian activities as they cope with late winter/early spring.

The week started with some serious wind.  Biking to work was a serious adventure.  At least it wasn’t too cold, but the 30 or so mph gusts made things interesting to say the least.  It was so has, it looked like the gulls near Gravely Point were flying backwards.  Geese in the tidal basin appeared to be paddling for dear life just to stay in one place.

Mid week, I saw gulls doing an impression of a herd of wild giant badminton shuttlecocks in a parking lot. They were all hunched up, so it was hard to tell what they were at first.  With their beaks all pointed into the wind, they really did look like a batch of giant shuttlecocks carefully arranged on the ground.  Maybe they were tired from flying into the wind earlier in the week.

Finally, the cardinals are back.  I have two confirmed sightings this week, ßo we mus5 be getting close to spring. Either that, or the wind blew them in.