Enough With the Wind Already

Yep, March is coming in like a lion.  As the NOAA forecast discussion has said, early March is often a battle between air masses.  The biggest issue is that it started in mid-February.

A couple of weeks ago on my way in to work, the wind was blowing from the north and gusting into the 40mph range.  This meant I had a headwind all the way in, except for crossing the Potomac.  For that, I had a nasty cross-wind that threatened to blow me off my bike and into traffic.  Rather than get slammed into a fence, I decided to walk across the bridge.  Probably a good choice, since that meant I was able to hold the bike at a 45 degree angle and not turn into a sailboat.

Things calmed down for a week, but have kicked back up recently.  Last week, I had a headwind to work most days.  Heading home wasn’t bad, and some days I had a tailwind, except for Thursday, when I had headwinds both ways thanks to the wind shifting at around noon.  I hate it when that happens.

On the other hand, the windiness has gotten me thinking about how to rig a sail to my bicycle to take advantage of March’s roars.  I wonder if PVC would be strong enough to take the force of the wind.  Also, the bike path isn’t all that wide so it would be lots of micro zigging and zagging to tack and make use of the wind.  Hmmmmmm….things to ponder while getting blown along.


One thought on “Enough With the Wind Already

  1. Yeah, I wanted to strap T+Q to kites to get them home end of last week. Based on previous PVC experiments, it’s not going to break but bow to the wind.

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