Benson Lounging Around

Sunbeam for Benson

With the change in the seasons, the sunbeams move around a bit.  Our kitchen/dining room has a west facing window that lets in some nice afternoon light.  Now that we’re entering spring, the sunbeam persists for longer and longer, and falls right across our table.  The issue is we do not allow the cats to lounge on the table.  As any cat owner knows, it is nearly impossible to keep a cat from a sunbeam, especially one that falls on a nice, flat, empty surface.  Lavash gets nudged off the table regularly.  Benson, however, seems to have found an alternative location.

Note that he is decidedly NOT on the table.

He’s not on the table, but he is directly in front of the sink.  Not only does he get to enjoy the sun, he can try to intercept any interesting food scraps on their way to the disposal or the garbage can (which is under the sink).  Double win for the cat, but annoying side for the cook, especially since prime sunbeam time is right when dinner prep starts.  Such is life with cats.