Sewing Project: Jeans

I finally finished a new pair of jeans for Ikinji:

Just in time, too, since the jeans he basically lives in are 1) too short and 2) developing holes in the knees.  Also, just in time for the weather to turn too warm for him to really want to wear jeans, but that’s beside the point.  They’re done, and it only took me four months to do it.

It took me a long time to figure out how to do the front pockets with the facings.  It turns out, the simplest way is the best:  just put the facings on top of the pocket material rather than trying to cut out the facing shape from the pocket material and join the fabrics.  Still, pockets can be a little tricky to visualize which side winds up being in and which one out.  The pocket tutorial at Ikat Bag was really helpful.

Not the cleanest interior, but it shows how I put the facings directly on the pocket.

I also re-did the waistband three times.  The first time I somehow cut it too narrow, the second time I messed up the front, but the third time I got it sorted out and it went pretty smoothly.  I still had to unpick and resew the thing several times, but it finally went on.

Finally, I figured out that flat-felled seams don’t look nearly as impressive without contrasting thread for the topstitching.

Flat felled, not that you can actually tell with black thread on dark indigo denim.

I should be good for a year since I built in a couple of extra inches in the hems.  If not, at least the next pair should go more quickly.