Our Easter Feast

So, maybe not so much of a feast, but a collection of tasty treats.


Obligatory hard boiled eggs.  This year, we used onion skin (the two orange ones), hibiscus/hawthorn tea (the grey-ish one between the two orange.  Straight hibiscus works well for a denim blue but I haven’t been able to find it anywhere), turmeric (pale yellow), red cabbage (bright blue), and beets (the mauve/grey one.  Not sure why that didn’t work for a nice pink this time).


Angel food cake.  Here it is, cooling, in my grandmother’s pan (but not on the 7-up bottle she used).  I followed the recipe at Serious Eats and wow, did it turn out really well.  When I first checked the cake after 40 minutes, it had actually risen above the cooling feet, hence the bottle.  I probably let in too much cool air because it contracted a little after that, but still came out incredibly tall, light, and tasty.

We also had hot cross buns for breakfast along with the hard boiled eggs.  (No picture since WordPress is being obstinate tonight).  The cross was cream cheese sweetened with a little honey.

For dinner we had a pasta with asparagus, tomato, and sauteed mushrooms along with some challah braided into a cross and a butter lamb.

We were definitely well fed for Easter after our Lenten fast.

Happy Easter!