Best Laid Plans

Well, not really fully-formed, more like notional gardening ideas than plans, but still.

Our front yard is a bit overgrown.  It’s a challenging space because it’s really small and is basically full shade.  We have a black locust tree at the front of the yard that shades it, as does the townhouse across the street to the East.  The dogwood tree in the middle keeps the shade up in the middle of the day, then our townhouse blocks it out for the afternoon.  So, full shade conditions.  The blue star creeper I put in five years ago didn’t do too well.  The vinca the last tenants put in is threatening to engulf the sidewalk.  On the other hand, there is a nice lilac that might bloom this year (although late, because see above for lack of sun).  I might take out the existing ground cover and put in some clover (which the kids could walk and play on), but in general, something needs to be done to clean it up a little.

One of those things is to take out the rather scraggly holly that is planted far too close to the house.  Its leaves are all curled in, although green, and covered in dried-out vines (probably kudzu, nothing so picturesque as ivy (you’re welcome for the ear-worm)) and spider webs.  It just looks a little sad, and, if left, will probably start to damage the foundation sooner or later.  I was telling my mother-in-law about this plan the other day when we noticed a bird’s nest.


Complete with mama robin and three eggs.


I guess tree removal will have to wait until the eggs hatch and the chicks fly off.  At least it will be fun for the kids to watch.  Since it’s right outside a window, the cats will have a good time with it, too.