The Recalcitrant Rose

About five years ago, I planted a Rosa virginiana in our back yard, next to the fence.  DSC04909

I have yet to see it bloom.  It gets about six hours of sun, especially at this time of year, and especially with the tops of the canes above the fence.  I recently top dressed the soil with compost and some fertilizer that should promote blossoming.  I’m putting it on notice that if I don’t see a flower this year, it gets shovel pruned next year.


The issue is that the rose is doing its wild rose thing and spreading throughout that flower bed.  Digging it up will take some persistence and a lot of effort.  This is a shot of some shoots coming up among the mint, with a violet there on the right.  Usually I’d say the mint would win out and keep the rose from encroaching any further into its territory (mainly by blocking out the light), but I’m not putting any money on this race.  This rose seems to be compensating for lack of flowers by sending out lots and lots of very vigorous shoots.  It’s all I can do to keep it from taking over the entire backyard.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see canes popping up on the other side of the yard, after burrowing underneath the cement pavers that cover most of it.