Sacraments Galore

There’s still a little bit left to Easter season (Ascension Thursday Sunday [for most dioceses, it’s been transferred] is next week, with Pentecost the following week), but it’s worth reflecting on all the sacraments that I had the honor of witnessing this year.

I taught religious education to 12 youngsters who were received into the church this Easter (two at the Vigil, ten on Easter at the Spanish mass).  Although it was a struggle at times, all of them have at least the very basics of the faith.  I can only hope that they come back next year for continuing instruction, or find other sources to continue to learn about the faith.  As I tried to tell them repeatedly, there’s always more (much more) to learn.

Ikinji made his first communion (first confession was during Lent.  Not a coincidence) in early may.  His godmother made the trip from Colorado to help celebrate, which certainly made it special.

Finally, our fifth child (Thumbkin, because he rounds out a handful of fun) was baptized on the 100th anniversary of the appearance of Our Lady at Fatima.  Because of the significance of the date, we actually scheduled it prior to his birth, but were fairly certain he’d be around by then.  Tumbkin was born late enough in April that his birthday will always be in Easter season, rather than in Lent (OK, sometimes in the Octave, when Easter is really, really late).   Good thing we scheduled in advance; our parish priest apparently had baptisms scheduled all day at half hour intervals.

This Easter really did take advantage of the opening of the gates of Heaven and the pouring out of God’s grace that is mentioned at the blessing of holy water at the Easter vigil.  I was lucky to witness, and have a very small part, it some of it.  I hope some of those graces rubbed off.