Bye Bye, Birdies

So, the young robins flew off early last week.  About 10 days ago, I noticed they had grown significantly and were looking rather more robin-like.


feed us feed us feed us feed us



Both cats took notice as well.  When I first opened the window to get a shot of them in their nest (to avoid the window glare) Benson came trotting up.


Just looking…really

I quickly closed the window to avoid him either getting a snack or making  fool of himself by falling out of the window trying to get to the little fledglings.


Me?  Fall out a window?  Hmf.  

So, they’re gone and the nest is empty.  Depending on what tomorrow’s weather brings (every time I check the forecast it’s whipsawed between rain, possibly heavy, and no rain but cloudy) I might get a chance to dig up the holly tree and do some other landscaping fun.