A Year Since Leaving Liberia

We left Liberia at the end of our tour there a little over a year ago.  In celebration, the weather decided to give us a little reminder:


St. Francis looks a little wet

The above was taken about six hours after the storm started.  Below, about 24 after the start of the rain.


St. Francis looks really wet.

So, it wasn’t quite Liberian rain, since it did let up periodically throughout the day and you could actually see through it, rather than it being white-out conditions.  That, and it’s a cold, rather than at least tepid, rain.  Still, it was enough to serve as a nice reminder.

Believe it or not, I miss the place a little bit every so often.  Not all of the problems (and boy, were there problems), but the people were wondeful, and there’s still no compare to a truly fresh pineapple or mango.  I think all foriegn service officers have a bit of this nostalgia for almost all their postings, even the toughest ones.  The country, people, and culture make an impression which sticks with you, even when you’re back in the comforts of the U.S., or on to a new country and culture.  The challenge is to keep the good memories, hopefully learn from the challenges, and keep on going while growing wiser from the experiences without compromising who your are at core.