A Non-Rushed Birthday Cake

The rains a couple of weekends ago gave me the perfect opportunity to bake Yakum’s birthday cake without rushing.  

Yep, she just turned 10.  Wow, I feel old.

Initially, she thought she would want an angel food cake, but after my birthday, she decided she wanted a repeat of that flavor combination.  OK, we’ll call it mint-limeade, no problem.

Again, the cakes baked up beautifully:  two nine inch layers, and two six inch.  I used tapioca starch for the icing this time (instead of corn starch) which was…interesting.  Tapioca makes for a base that is more extensible and mucilaginous than the corn starch.  Yep, it was basically lime-flavored slime that tried to climb the beaters until enough butter had gotten worked in to counteract some of its stickier tendencies.  Also, since I was able to go slowly and put things in the refrigerator from time to time to keep them cool, it came together far more smoothly than I was expecting.

I could have done a slightly more even base coat, but I didn’t want to overdo the icing.  I tried to do a yellow line around the top edge of the larger layers (to go with the thick yellow rope at the bottom), but by that point the icing had almost completely melted and separated, but I had so little left I couldn’t re-beat it into shape, so the line had to come off…well, most of it (remember about the sticky tapioca starch base?  Yep, still sticky after the butter melts out).  The lettering is also off kilter a little (her name around the side of the six inch layers turned out great, though), but everyone was quite happy with the outcome.  Especially Yakum, which is what really matters.