Latin Hymn Set in Polish Hymnody

Wow.  Just wow.

I ran across this video the other day when looking for different settings of Stabat Mater.  The Palestrina is, of course, fantastic, as is Domenico Scarlatti’s motet.  If you have the time Dvorak’s piece is well worth the listen, if a little tough on the emotions (I would love to see it live in concert some day).   This, however, is in an entirely different category and may be my new favorite:

Jerycho is Polish group that records chant and other ancient music written in the area that is now Poland, with adaptations by their director.  Their website,, indicates (through Google translate, so not going on first hand information here) that they focus on research and live performance, but promise some CDs are forthcoming.  I really hope they relase their music broadly, because the world needs more of this kind of beauty.



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