On the Cusp of Language Development Breakthrough

Thumbkin, a rambunctious toddler, is very close to a breakthrough on his linguistic development.  Last week, he started making “g” sounds, followed by “l” sounds.  Over and over and over.  Yep, he was basically making the syllables for “giggle,” but it was coming out in toddler babble.  I was changing his diaper while he went on a chain of gg-l-gg-l-gg-l, and asked him if he was saying “giggle.”  In reply, he complied with a cheerful giggle, and went back at it.

Thumbkin manages to communicate and express himself quite well, which I think is a survival mechanism with four older siblings.  He HAS to be able to get a word (or babble) in edgewise just so we know he’s there.  Still, once he really starts talking, it’s going to be hard to get even a moment’s worth of peace around here, giggling aside.