Maddening March Meterology

March weather has been maddening, at least for this bicycle commuter.  Winter and spring are playing tug-of-war, and we’re caught in the middle.  I’ve about had it with the temperature swings and wind.  Also, Benson’s built-in barometer is making him act up as the weather systems move through.

This past week was a perfect example.  We didn’t get the bomb cyclone that nailed the center of the country, but we did get some serious wind.  Thursday and Friday both featured gusts of well over 20 mph.  This isn’t actually all that bad, but for the fact that the gusts we’re actually pretty sustained headwinds for all my commuting trips.

The temperature fluctuations also make it hard to pack the right gear.  Monday I was under-dressed for the morning ride, and Tuesday afternoon had to shed a layer on the way home.  Thursday and Friday were phenomenal, temperature-wise, but the wind made me seriously consider throwing a windbreaker.  The problem with Friday is that rain was in the forecast, so I packed my rain coat.  The rain never materialized, of course, so I packed the rain gear for no reason.

They say March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.  I’m looking forward to when the lamb finally wins out and we get some predictability on precipitation, wind, and temperature.