Spring is in the Air

…and the cats know it.

We’ve been visited by the full range of springtime birds:  wrens, sparrows, robins, cardinals, and at least one blue jay.  Crows recently made an appearance, too.  On the bike path a week ago a particularly aggressive goose hissed at me.  The cats have been going nuts watching the birds flit around outside the windows as they look for insects and other food and gather nesting material.  The combination of bird song and cat chatter is interesting to say the least.

The squirrel highway across our back deck has officially reopened for the season.  Even though it was a fairly mild winter, the squirrels have been eating anything they can find.  I’m sure the nearby park is providing a great post-winter buffet for them.  I saw one squirrel carting off a nearly-uneaten apple that was almost bigger than it was.  Again, the cats are not amused by this sudden influx of wildlife in their domain.  Benson was so taken by the hunting urge that he made a dash for the outdoors last week.  Usually he’s content to sit back when we go in and out, but this time he must have seen a squirrel and ran out as I was trying to go out the door.  He got halfway down our front path and froze when I called his name, so I was able to pick him up and get him back inside.

Beyond the exterior activities, the cats have been much more rambunctious than usual.  I suspect the series of pressure systems that have been moving through play a role, but their early morning and evening play times have been more aggressive than usual, with more hissing and meowing than they typically exhibit.  Couple that with their minimal springtime shedding and yes, the fur has been flying.

In non-animal spring issues, the lettuce and radish we planted are already sprouting.  Of course, once I got the seed in the ground the persistent rain we were getting every two or three days stopped, so I actually had to water the garden.  I suppose I’m glad the ground has had a chance to dry out a little so that the next rain we get won’t immediately cause puddling and runoff.

Spring is definitely in the air, and we’re enjoying every minute of it before summertime hits.