Springtime beauty is fleeting.

DC’s Cherry Blossom Season came to an end today, and, in spite of the flowers being surprisingly long lasting this year, the trees were already looking pretty spent on Wednesday.  Still, the pink puffs of the trees are quite pretty to behold, and unofficially mark the start of spring for many.

The fields of daffodils, which inspire wandering lonely as a cloud, are no longer buttery yellow.  Instead, the flowers have faded, and normal grass has sprung up to cover over the leaves.  Crocuses are long gone, leaving their white-striped green leaves like tufts of long grass, with no sign of the purple and yellow heralds of spring.

Leaves are no longer red-tinged in tender newness, but are fully green and unfurling in the warming sun of the longer days.

Even if many flowers have faded, late spring is the beauty of becoming.  If early spring is the beauty of potential, late spring is the beauty of actualization.  Plants are starting to become fully themselves, conducting their proper business of deepening their roots, setting fruit from the flowers, or flowering for the summer pollinators to fulfill their duty.

Enjoy the beauty as it comes; God in His wisdom provides us reminders of His bounty and the beauty that comes from becoming what He wants us to be.